A Stylish Modern Home With Wonderfully White Interiors

Timelessly chic and highly adaptable, all-white interiors have always been a popular choice desain rumah and continue to remain one. If you are someone who prefers bright, spacious, elegant, and pure spaces, then white color is definitely a great option for you. However, you need to make sure to create a balance by incorporating hints of other colors as well. Otherwise, the all-white theme may appear dull and boring. Here, the interior designers and decorators of the Verve Group, Bangalore have displayed how exactly you can achieve a sense of purity and elegance in your interiors by focusing on an all-white theme. While the house has been covered predominantly with white, the designers have also used other hues to make the interiors highly appealing.

To create an impactful transition area, the designers have provided a cozy seating space near the staircase. A comfortable sofa, artistic painting, flower pot, and side tables, are the elements that indicate the amount of attention that has gone into the detailing job. The stone used for the stairs blends in well with the tiles and actually looks like an extension of the floor.

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